Imogene Aufderhar

Imogene Aufderhar

Imogene Aufderhar is a consultant for mail order brides. She has lived in Russia for two years and knows a lot about the industry, having spent most of her time working with men who are looking to marry women from abroad.
She consults on dating Western men, advising them on how they can make themselves more appealing to the women they are interested in marrying. Imogene loves being able to help people find love!

In my experience, women who come to me are looking for advice on dating Western men or advice on how to be successful as a mail order bride. My consultations center around the following topics: what is it like being a mail order bride? What should I expect from my fiance when I move overseas? How do you make your relationship work when you live apart from each other?

- explains Imogen. She takes this knowledge and writes awesome blog posts with tips and advice for all of our readers to learn.

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